Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review #2 of Bouchon Bistro Las Vegas

So I was staying at the Venetian this trip and what does Venetian have....Bouchon Bistro. Now everyone in the restaurant business knows about the Last Meal question. Now Bouchon Bistro may not be my last meal but my last day would start at Bouchon Bistro. To me Thomas Keller is one of the culinary gods which is the reason I ate breakfast three times, dinner once, and snacked at Bouchon Bakery twice. Everyone has that one place where they just feel relaxed and comfortable and they feel like no matter what time it is or whats going on in there life they can feel free at that moment in time. For me its here at Bouchon Bistro. I don't know if its dining outside on there peaceful patio hearing the sounds of the fountain or there impeccable service I receive every time I dine or the food that may not have that WOW factor but makes comfort food taste AMAZING! Or maybe its there coffee that a doctor could classify as crack because its so good. Whatever it is it will keep me coming back and leaving with a smile!

BREAKFAST #1: I ordered the Boudin Blanc which is white sausage with scrambled eggs and there Almond Brioche. To be honest I don't know the difference between white sausage and regular sausage but all I know is the taste difference. It was so juicy and melt in you mouth good that cut like butter. I'm not a big sausage lover but once I put a piece of that big, juicy, and oh so good sausage in my mouth (get your mine out of the gutter) it was like love at first site with my mouth and that sausage! Of course the eggs were cooked to perfection!!! The Almond Brioche was sweet and savory and loved every bite of it!!!
BREAKFAST #2: I ordered the Oeuf Au Gratin which is Baked Eggs, Mornay Sauce, Bacon Lardons, tomato confit, petit champignon, and pomme salpicon. In short, this is Thomas Kellers version of Eggs Benedict. The Mornay Sauce is much like Bearnaise Sauce which to me overpowered the dish WAY to much. It was a OK dish, my least favorite of my breakfast choices here, the Mornay Sauce just killed the other ingredients in the dish making it the only ingredient to really stand out.

BREAKFAST #3: Aw this was my favorite! The Sourdough Waffles! It consists of 4 perfect little Sourdough Waffles topped with Fresh Bananas, Toasted Walnuts with Maple Syrup and Tahitian Vanilla Bean Butter on the side. Wow, how can something so simple be so good. There Vanilla Bean Butter adds a nice touch from the ordinary butter which I think makes it stand a lone from the rest of the Waffles out there. There maple syrup is oh so good and the toasted walnuts add a nice earthy taste to it along with the bananas. I have a hard time deciding between the French Toast or the Sourdough Waffles for my favorite breakfast dish!

Dinner (Snack): Decided to have a small snack here before catching a flight back to Atlanta, GA and ended ordering a couple glasses of wine, to help with the long flight home :), and the Beignets de Brandade de Morue which is Cod Brandade with Tomato Confit and fried Sage. To me it tasted like a Rolls Royce version of Hush Puppies. Being that it was fried I found it to be a very light dish which I don't find to often with deep fried foods. The Tomatoes and Sage, EAT THE SAGE, goes perfect with the cod. For some reason people put the sage off to the side but they don't put it on the dish for nothing. Overall a good dish!

Service is always lovely! I was greeted with "Welcome Back Sir" by three people on my to the table the next morning I dined. Coffee is always being poured no matter how full or empty my cup is. I have never felt rushed which is a big thing for me when dining solo. I can't wait for my future trip to NY to try Per Se! Thanks Thomas Keller for being the genius you are!