Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Review of Bouchon Bakery Las Vegas!

A trip to Las Vegas isn't complete without several trips to Bouchon Bakery. I stayed at the Venetian Hotel and Casino for one major reason. Thomas freaking Keller! Whether I was dining at Bouchon Bistro or snacking on treats from Bouchon Bakery, I followed Keller like a fly on a horse's butt! First trip consisted of one of there famous macaroons which I didn't see what the fuss was. I got the Vanilla flavor but maybe they only taste good when they first bring them down because mine was a little on the stale side. While the vanilla cream inside was good the stale outside just ruined it.
Second trip was a little more successful. I ended with the famous Thomas Keller's version of a Nutter Butter and a freshly baked Chocolate Donut with a custard filling. The Nutter Butter was good, much better than the cookie, with a peanut butter cookie on the outside and delicious peanut butter on the inside making it a perfect little treat! Move over Dunkin Donuts because I run on Thomas Keller's Donuts. Perfectly shaped donut with a wonderful custard feeling with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles on top. MMMMMM Donut was the only thing that kept popping in my head while eating it! If I had a Bouchon Bakery near me I would problem be the size of a whale.

Third trip was my favorite. I got the Carrot Cake Cookie. It tasted so fresh and moist and looks just like that big cookie in the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" that the ants were eating on. Hopefully ya'll know what I'm talking about. Just like the ants I couldn't get enough. It had that nice little spice that carrot cake has with a wonderful cream inside that reminded me of the cream in those oatmeal cookies I got growing up in my school lunches. Just a perfect cookie!
Last and final trip, a tear slowly ran down my eyes while I made my final purchase, was Red Velvet Cupcake with a Citrus Frosting. While cheesecake is my favorite desert, red velvet is my second and this cupcake is the reason why. I got it as soon as they came down from baking, it was perfectly moist with a wonderfully rich cream cheese feeling inside a nice citrus frosting on top with a cute little smiley face made of chocolate chips reminding me it was Halloween. It was very rich but very good!All I can say is thank you Thomas Keller for being the genius you are and making my trip oh so sweet!