Monday, September 22, 2008

Review of Craftsteak Las Vegas

I honestly loved this restaurant but the main reason one goes to a steakhouse is for, what else, steak. I was seated right away for my reservation and I started with a glass of Dr. Heidemanns Bergweiler Germany 2005 Riesling, which if anyone is a fan of Riesling like me, you would love this wine. They brought some warm, moist, and buttery rolls that were just delicious.

I started off with the Foie Gras. It was a nice chunk of warm Foie Gras with I believe some kind of sweet beet salad next to it. This dish was simply amazing. The flavor combination between the two just went with each other like Pb&j and was by far the best Foie Gras I have had. For my entree I ordered the Skirt Steak. It came out the way I ordered it, medium, but it just didn't hit the spot for me. It was very salty and the flavor just wasn't there. I told my server I was in Las Vegas celebrating my 21rst birthday and to my surprise they brought me there Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Fig Compote & Sweet Cream and a glass of desert wine which was simply delicious. It made up for the steak.

Overall I would have given Craftsteak 5 stars but the whole reason for going to a steakhouse is for the steak and they failed in that department for me. Service was 5 stars throughout the dinner and enjoyed the ambiance a lot. The room is dark ,warm and sophisticated which I like in a steakhouse. I don't see myself returning to Craftsteak until I try the some of the other steakhouses in Las Vegas first.

Review of Bouchon Bistro Las Vegas

Aw Bouchon Bistro, its one of those restaurants I could spend all morning at and feel more relaxed than ever before. One thing people need to realize when coming to this restaurant is Thomas Keller did not open Bouchon Bistro for it to be compared to the greatness of The French Laundry or Per Se, no he opened so people can experience a french bistro without leaving the country and he did just that. I came for breakfast and had no problem getting a seat on the patio. The patio is a nice and quite area with a small fountain in the middle that will make even the most stressed out people feel relaxed.

I started off with a cup of there delicious coffee. I then ordered there signature Bouchon French Toast which is bread pudding style with warm layers of brioche, custard and apples, served with there warm maple syrup. One bite is all it took to fall in love with this place. Its not your ordinary french toast at all. One might think its to small when they first bring it to the table but after wards you will be more than satisfied. Its rich but not overpowering and the thinly sliced apples add a nice light refreshing taste to it. I also ordered a side of the potatoes that were seasoned and cooked perfectly and had to be the best potatoes I have had in a long time.

Overall the service was excellent throughout the meal. They always made sure my cups were full and I was taken care of. This is one of my favorite places now and would come to Las Vegas just to eat here again.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Review of Mesa Grill Las Vegas

First let me start off by saying there are two different types of Celebrity Chefs. There is the Chefs that are famous for cooking amazing dishes and have a reputation for running a great restaurant like the Chef I work for in Atlanta, Kevin Rathbun, and then there are the Chefs who are famous for being all over TV like Emeril and Bobby Flay. So when I arrived at Mesa Grill I had low expectations but when I left my respect for the much hated/loved Bobby Flay grew to a whole new level.

I went for lunch and was seated right away. I started off with there famous margarita and it was by far the best margarita that I have had. They bring you a basket of warm bread which has a very delicous corn bread muffin. I ordered the Tiger Shrimp and Roasted Garlic Corn Tamale with a Corn and Cilantro cream sauce as my appetizer but it could easily be ordered as a entree because it was very feeling. It had a good amount and good size pieces of shrimp that were cooked perfectly. The tamale has a nice simi sweet corn taste to it with a touch of garlic that adds a nice aroma to the dish and the corn and cilantro sauce just made the dish perfect. This is the type of dish that will keep me coming back to Mesa Grill in the future. In Fact I came back the next day just to have this dish again it was that good. For my entree I ordered the Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Eggs in a Green Chile Hollandaise sauce. This dish made my taste buds go wild. All the flavors just paired so well together and had the perfect amount of kick to it!

Overall this was a great and memorable meal and is now one of my favorites. Service was perfect thoughout the meal and everybody seemed very friendly. Compared to most of Las Vegas restaurants, the price is very affordable for those who are on a budget. Can't wait to return!

Review of Burger Bar Las Vegas

You can't go to Las Vegas without eating a over top and overpriced burger and there ain't know better place to do so than Hubert Keller's Burger Bar. I like this place because it has a old school/new school burger joint look to it. They have a huge beer list and my server allowed me to taste three different beers before choosing the one I wanted which was nice. I went the Rossini Burger which is the grand daddy of all the burgers they serve. It was named after a XIXth century Italian composer whose love for fine food was legendary. Its Kobe Beef, sauteed foie gras and shaved truffles all on a onion bun with a side of a rich brown madeira sauce. It comes with a choice of fries, I chose the sweet potato fries, and a choice of a desert burger, I chose the PB&J!

The burger was absolutely amazing. I ordered medium and it came out perfect. It was very juicy and the flavors all pair well with each other. The truffles add a very nice earthy taste to it as the foie gras adds a nice richness to it. Surprisingly I was able to eat it with out it coming apart. The fries are were very good as well. I'm a huge sweet potato fan and like how they have different type fries to choose from. The PB&J desert burger is peanut butter mousse, raspberry jelly and sliced kiwi's all in the middle of a warm glazed donut. Its VERY rich but VERY good. The kiwi adds a nice refreshing taste to it which it needs with the richness of the peanut butter and the donut.

The Burger Bar has a wide-range of choices and will satisfy your burger craving while in Las Vegas. I felt very welcomed and comfortable while sitting in one of there small booths along the wall which each have mini TV's built in the wall so you can watch your favorite sport while chowing on a burger and sipping on a beer! I will be back to try some more of Hubert Keller's crazy burger creations.

Review of Jersey Boys Las Vegas

So when I got the tickets to Jersey Boys I knew absolutely nothing about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons but once seated they make you feel like you were a part of that time and place when it all got started. The show was AMAZING from the beginning to the end. You feel like your watching a movie and seeing a concert at the same time. I laughed, I clapped, and I sang throughout the show. The actors/singers all did a fantastic performance. The theater is perfect as you have a great view no matter where you are seated and the seats were very comfortable. The show is long but you feel like your money and time was well worth it. This is one show I wouldn't mind seeing a second time because it was so good and entertaining.

Review of MGM Grand Hotel Casino Las Vegas

MGM sets a standard in Las Vegas. Its one of the biggest casinos in the world and has some of the best Chefs in the world. Those two are the perfect combination for me when I go to Las Vegas. Check in was a breeze. As soon as I stepped off my plane I was able to check in at the airport, MGM was the first to offer this but now most casinos have a office at the airport to allow you to check in before arriving at the casino, and by the time I got to the casino I was able to go straight to my room. They offer round trip transportation from the airport to the casino and back for $16.00 which is a bargain compared to a $25.00 taxi ride each way. I booked a Deluxe Room in the Grand Tower. Room was perfect in size. Beds were comfortable. Bathroom was clean. Didn't experience any problems with housekeeping and was brought fresh towels everyday. Only con with the rooms is not enough premium channels (HBO, Showtime,etc.,) to watch but not that big of a deal since I don't spend to much time in the room anyways. Staff throughout the casino were all very nice and loved how they have security near the elevators so some strange person can't just walk up to your hotel floor and disrupt everybody. Check out was fast and hassle free.

The casino is very large and some people may complain its to large and get lost in it. Well they didn't get the reputation of being one of the biggest casinos in the world for nothing. They make it very easy to navigate throughout the casino with signs posted pointing in the directions of where the stuff is and had no problem finding myself around. The Lion Habitat is amazing and found myself stopping to watch them everyday while I was there. They have a wide range of slots and tables to satisfy any gambler. Unlike most casinos in Las Vegas, I found it not to be very smokey at all which is a plus for a non smoker like me. They have some of the best Chefs in the world here and loved the wide-range of restaurants to choose from.

For the price, I find MGM Grand Hotel Casino to be the best overall place to stay in Las Vegas and wouldn't hesitate to stay here again next time I'm in Las Vegas.