Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review of Tableau Dinner Las Vegas

I dined at Tableau twice during my recent trip to Las Vegas, once for breakfast and once for dinner, and to be honest I don't know why I decided to go here for dinner but I was glad I did. Tableau doesn't often get talked about past breakfast which is why I was intrigued to dine here for dinner. Upon arrival I was seated in there main dining room which is a very small and intimate dining room. The windows were wide open and the nice nightly breeze was coming in. Once seated the bread came. This was much different from the ordinary bread basket. It featured a nice dinner roll in a small little pot. Its your ordinary dinner roll but reminded much of the ones we use to have at dinner growing up!I went with the tasting menu but had to stop half way because just like Le Cirque the portions are way to big which would be the only downfall in this restaurant even though some may like the large portions I'm a little guy and can only hold so much before I have to throw in the flag. The amuse was fried Cod, much like Bouchon Bistros Beignets de Brandade de Morue, over a bed of balsamic seasoned spinach. I found it to be much better than Bouchons version. It was full of Cod which was the ingredient that stood out the most because it had a nice light texture that I found to be a nice little starter and the balsamic added a nice rich dark complex of sweetness to it!The first dish was the dish everyone was talking about. The Dungeness Crab Ravioli which featured a lemon emulsion flavor. WOW this dish was FULL of fresh and perfectly cooked Crab with a delicious burst of lemon flavor. I loved the dish and I can see why everyone talks about it. Next up was the Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras with glazed black mission figs, upland cress salad and red currant gastric. Now the foie gras was on top of a piece of toast that at first I found to be unnecessary but I put a little foie gras and fig on top just to try it out and It was perfect! I love figs and these were sublime. It doesn't get any better than Hudson Valley foie gras either! The red currant added a nice sweet jelly type taste to the figs. Overall a great dish with flavors that paired very well with each other.
Next was the Grilled Free Range Duck Breast with sweet potato-pecan hash, stewed stone fruits, and wild flower honey just. This was my first time having duck. It was cooked medium and had a good texture without being to gamy. I LOVE sweet potato's and found the hash to be absolutely delish! The stone fruits and honey just added just amount of sweetness to the duck and the flavors all popped out and you could taste each and everyone of them in every bite! But as you can tell this is no tasting menu sized portion which left me to stop here as you can see the portions are large for a tasting menu.Of course I couldn't leave without desert. I was presented with a desert trio. A blueberry shortbread sandwich that was to die for. So light and creamy!! My mouth melts when I think about it. A strawberry milkshake. Tasted like one of my protein shakes I drink which I do not like. Last but not least peach cobbler that was slightly warm with the ice cream slowly melting on top and tasted FABULOUS!Overall this was a great meal. I was seated next to a group of rich older foodies that I overheard talking how this is one of there favorite restaurants! I would agree. If they made there tasting menu portions much smaller I think this place could get a Michelin Star in the future because the Chef is very talented and the service was top class! They give the ladies a little stool for there purse which I'm sure all the ladies out there would appreciate. The tasting menu features some of the best ingredients and is a bargain compared to some other places at the Wynn. This is a place I would return to in a heartbeat!