Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review of Le Cirque Las Vegas

Le Cirque is just a overall perfect place to dine. As soon as you walk in you know your in for a great experience. It has a warm, dark, and playful room and I was seated at a perfect little table with a great view of the Bellagio Fountain Show as I requested! As soon as I sat down the manager came and introduced himself. Everyone had smiles on there faces and was ready to jump for the smallest request. As soon as I sat down the bread basket arrived. Bread was nice and warm. It featured many different types such as raisin, wheat, pretzel and white. While most places give 2-3 different types this basket must have had 5 different types all in which were very good! I was then presented with a amuse! It was a Oyster topped with Caviar! This was by far the best Oyster I've had. It was as fresh as they come and the Caviar added a nice smooth salty flavor that was just amazing!

First Course: There famous Lobster Salad. The lobster was dressed with Black Truffle Dressing topped with some greens all wrapped up in a dill pickle. The lobster tasted very fresh and paired well with the dressing and the dill pickle just added the perfect amount of saltiness to it. Overall a great start and a tasteful dish!
Second Course: The Foie Gras. Aw the sinful taste of Foie Gras. Some states have already banned it but Las Vegas will most likely always be the place to find Foie Gras and in MANY forms. Le Cirque's version was just awesome in every way. It reminded me much of the dish I had at Craftsteak. Sauteed Foie Gras with White Peach, Blackberries and Micro Greens. While Foie Gras itself is very rich no matter how the Chef prepares it, the White Peach and and Blackberries added a very nice lightness to the dish which I like when it comes to Foie Gras. Overall one of the best Foie Gras I've had.
Third Course: OK so I'm a full blooded Risotto LOVER! This was my favorite dish of the meal. It had LOTS of lobster which was cooked to perfection along with very fresh tasting peas. While risotto can be a hit or miss for me this risotto was the best I've had besides the one at Gordan Ramsay's at the London in NY. Everything was perfect. It was rich of course but not to rich which is why risotto is a hit or miss for me because most make the dish WAY to rich and cheesy. It was just perfect!
Fourth Course: The Halibut. This was my first time having this fish and after trying it, it will not be my last. It was cooked to perfection! It featured Halibut, Pesto Emulsion, Calamari Popsicle, Borlotti Beans & Tomato. It a had beautiful green color, the Pesto Emulsion, and this was definitely the best fish dish I've ever had. The Halibut melted in your mouth and all the flavors paired perfect with each other. This restaurant knows how to cook seafood and I think its there Strong point!
Fifth Course: The restaurant is known for there Rabbit. So of course I had to order there signature entree and I've never had Rabbit before so I figured what the hey! The dish is called "Blanquette" de Lapin in which they call Rabbit Symphony: Ravioli, Roasted Loin, Braised Leg with Crispy Spaƫtzles, Riesling Sauce! The Rabbit itself was good but a little dry, it reminded me a lot of pork but with the texture of chicken, the ravioli was good but also felt it to be a little dry as well. No flavors really popped and it was my least favorite dish but still a good dish and it was something new to me which is why I ordered it.
Palate Cleanser: To be honest I lost my notes somewhere during the trip so I'm not sure what the heck it was but all I know it was VERY VERY good, refreshing and light which was perfect before desert! It featured Coconut Sorbet with some kind of peach infusion.
Desert: Chocolate Souffle! Perfect in every way. Loved it. It was rich and I was only able to eat three bites but it was good! First bite I felt like I was floating on a chocolate cloud with ice cream just slowing pouring over me!!!!

And the end of the meal they present you with fabulous plate of petite fours, which I had them wrap to go because I was so full, and a nice little Le Cirque box which had some delectable chocolates in them and was a nice little souvenir!

Overall this was a AWESOME meal and loved every moment of it. The service doesn't get any better and was made to feel very comfortable as a solo diner. The manager came by throughout the meal to make sure everything was to my liking! The only negative I would say is they are to generous with there tasting menu. I hate leaving a restaurant stuffed to the point I can pairly walk. This place doesn't get enough credit and is in the same price range as many of the "Celebrity Chef" restaurants which is why I think many people choose to dine at those restaurants just to say they dined there. Every guest seemed to be made to feel important and they have a very talented Chef in there kitchen and a staff who cares about each and ever customer. This is a place I think people defently should consider when making there dining reservations as you will be treated like Kings and Queens for the night!