Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review #2 of Mesa Grill Las Vegas

Ok so anyone who read my last review of Bobby Flays Mesa Grill knows how much I loved and raved about it and that one lunch made my respect for Mr. Flay go up a lot. Now my feelings have changed. With there recent Michelin Star lose, I see no future regain of that star unless things greatly approve.

I was seated within 5 minutes of arrival for my lunch in which they seemed to have a pretty packed house. Now when I go to a restaurant I expect to have my bread basket within 5-10 minutes once seated. I was seated for about 10 minutes when I placed my order and 5 minutes later they brought the bread. But enough about that. Of course the oh soooooooooooo good corn bread muffin was in there which is still to this day my favorite corn bread I've had and being southern I get around :)! It was tempting for me to order my favorite dish, Tiger Shrimp Tamale, but I wanted to try something new. I went with the Yucatan Chicken Tacos with grilled Onions and Peanut-Smoked Chile Barbeque sauce. Once they arrived I was kinda put off that you basically have to make the tacos yourself. Now I'm far from lazy but when I go somewhere to eat I don't want to have to put together my own food because well, I'm there to relax and put my trust in the Chefs. But aside from that the flavors were very bold and went together perfect. The Peanut-Smoked Chile Barbeque sauce had a very nice smokey taste with a good kick which is EXACTLY the kinda flavor I like. The chicken was very fatty which I wouldn't expect from a EX Michelin star restaurant but I guess thats where the EX comes into play. Overall the dish was good but I have had MUCH better from my local mexican restaurant down the street which is pretty sad.

Overall this lunch was nothing like my first. The service was very decent besides the bread arrival. While I was left excited and couldn't wait to get back the first time, this time around I find myself only going back if someone else was paying.