Sunday, September 21, 2008

Review of Burger Bar Las Vegas

You can't go to Las Vegas without eating a over top and overpriced burger and there ain't know better place to do so than Hubert Keller's Burger Bar. I like this place because it has a old school/new school burger joint look to it. They have a huge beer list and my server allowed me to taste three different beers before choosing the one I wanted which was nice. I went the Rossini Burger which is the grand daddy of all the burgers they serve. It was named after a XIXth century Italian composer whose love for fine food was legendary. Its Kobe Beef, sauteed foie gras and shaved truffles all on a onion bun with a side of a rich brown madeira sauce. It comes with a choice of fries, I chose the sweet potato fries, and a choice of a desert burger, I chose the PB&J!

The burger was absolutely amazing. I ordered medium and it came out perfect. It was very juicy and the flavors all pair well with each other. The truffles add a very nice earthy taste to it as the foie gras adds a nice richness to it. Surprisingly I was able to eat it with out it coming apart. The fries are were very good as well. I'm a huge sweet potato fan and like how they have different type fries to choose from. The PB&J desert burger is peanut butter mousse, raspberry jelly and sliced kiwi's all in the middle of a warm glazed donut. Its VERY rich but VERY good. The kiwi adds a nice refreshing taste to it which it needs with the richness of the peanut butter and the donut.

The Burger Bar has a wide-range of choices and will satisfy your burger craving while in Las Vegas. I felt very welcomed and comfortable while sitting in one of there small booths along the wall which each have mini TV's built in the wall so you can watch your favorite sport while chowing on a burger and sipping on a beer! I will be back to try some more of Hubert Keller's crazy burger creations.